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Colorful Cogs Coloring Book

Colorful Cogs: A Bicycle Part Inspired Mandala Coloring Book for Meditation and Relaxation

An adult coloring book for the cycling enthusiast and bicycle lover!


Colorful Cogs: A Bicycle Part Inspired Mandala Coloring Book for Adults provides the perfect method to relax and unwind when you are off the bicycle, yet still daydreaming about riding it!


Cogs, Sprockets, disc brakes, chain rings and wheels provide the inspiration for the original hand drawn mandalas in this coloring book.


Bicycles and mandalas are the perfect pair! Bicycles speak of freedom, movement and fun! They are about forward motion and finding your balance in this crazy, chaotic world.

Mandalas, or sacred circles, are about wholeness and unity. They are also symbolic of forward motion and finding balance and stillness in the movement of all things.


---Bicycles shift gears, mandalas shift consciousness ---

​So go ahead, toe the line and unleash your inner artist!

Find your own center by coloring the unique, hand drawn images in this one of kind, adult, yet very kid friendly, coloring book!

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