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Artfully Organize Your Home, Office, or Garage for Clarity, Calmness, and Piece of Mind

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I'm Jen. I'm a Decluttering Diva, Expert Organizer and Artist

As an mixed media artist I know all about having lots of stuff to organize. When my studio is a disaster, it's hard to focus and get any work done.


So many of us of have live and work spaces that are messy, cluttered, and disorganized. It makes life feel overwhelming and chaotic.

But the truth is this: organizing our spaces and clearing the clutter restores balance and harmony in our hearts as well as our homes.


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Artfully Organized Homes


"My kitchen feels wonderful now! I'm so organized. and can't wait to cook in it!"

Suzy Z.

"Jen did a great job in our garage. Everything fits now and we have easy access to all our stuff."

Jerry D.

"Jenny has been organizing since she was three years old!  Organizing just comes naturally to her."


Yes, I want to get artfully organized!

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